harvesting and knitting and dyeing

The tomatoes keep on coming.
harvest. tidytipsy
I grew four varieties on our balcony this year. The sweet and tiny red one are easiest to grow in containers whereas the Green Zebras and Black Plums were a bit disappointing. The tastiest is a pink beef tomato from Spain, the seeds coming from the brother of a friend’s own garden. It produced only a few fruits but they were very good!
My mom grew them in her garden and when allowed to root deeply these grow into the hugest tomatoes ever.
harvest. tidytipsy
She’s picking them to ripen indoors since the weather has turned cooler.

Speaking of cooler weather, I’ve picked up some knitting again that got cast aside in spring. This pea green cowl in seed stitch turned out to be almost done, it just needed joining and weaving in the ends.
pea green cowl. tidytipsy
pea green cowl. tidytipsy
The dress I’m wearing is years old and was originally a dark grey. I’ve always loved the fit but hated the color, so I decided to try dyeing it in the washing machine. It was that or putting it on the donation pile. The dyeing turned out to be the easiest thing ever! Here’s a before and after:
dyeing clothes. tidytipsy
Now I can’t stop thinking what else I’d like to dye! I dyed an old blazer as well but unfortunately it didn’t take the color much. I should have looked at the fiber content first…still, it’s a bit better than before:
dyeing clothes. tidytipsy
The fall sock knitting is progressing nicely too. A couple more nights and these should be done.
knitting . tidytipsy
Recently I’ve been digging out old books again. Some of the books you read as a child always stay with you I guess and it’s lovely getting back into the old stories. Some of these are quite old and were actually handed down to me by my mother.
One of my favourites is a story about a young norwegian girl leaving the isolated area she grew up in to live and work in the city, going through many hardships but finally achieving not only a school diploma but also starting her own business. A simple but heartwarming story and quite modern considering it was published in the 1950’s and is set sometime in the 1930’s and 1940’s! In fact, there are only a few passages that clearly date the story (for example when the protagonist gets pregnant and everyone she announces it to insists on downing a bottle of bubbly with her!). Apparently these were only published in german and scandinavian languages, but if you can read either, look up the author Berte Bratt for the “Anne” trilogy.

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10 thoughts on “harvesting and knitting and dyeing

  1. Serenity

    I love the dress and the knitting the creations. You should put those up in your Etsy store. I bet they would sell well. People always pay big money for homemade items like scarves, mittens, fingerless gloves, etc. You can see examples on Etsy and other places too. Just another avenue to explore and maybe even rake in a few extra dollars :)

    1. Kristina

      Thanks :) My knitting is nowhere near good enough to sell and I wouldn’t want to if it were to be honest. I knit just for fun whenever I feel like it. I could never find the time and motivation to knit for work ;)

  2. Kathryn

    Your dress looks great! I love seeing the results of people’s dyeing experiments – Handmade by Carolyn and Carb & Bee both make some lovely creations with dyeing as well. That cowl you’ve knitted is a gorgeous colour and matches so well with the navy!

  3. awfully nice

    Oh, the color of your cowl is one of my favorite colors and I love it with the navy blue dress. And I LOVE the dye job! It makes me excited to see how it turned out because I really want to try it. I have some ideas and some yarn I want to dye but I’ve been too scared to try. I love it when you take the plunge for me! :-)

  4. birchbarksoap

    Oooh, those tomatoes sound divine! I don’t suppose you would like to send some seeds to me, and I could send you some of my soap? We have many green ones still on the vine, but it’s hard to find much other than the usual varieties here. And I am SUPER impressed with your dye jobs! They both look great. And lastly, I’m with “awfully nice” above on the cowl – that is absolutely one of my favourite colours!

    1. Kristina

      Thanks Sherrie and absolutely, I can send you some! I’ll send you an email :) Sorry for the late reply, we’re having some internet problems over here.
      I really love this pea green as well, it’s so hard to find clothing in exactly that color over here. At least I found yarn :))

  5. Stephanie

    I LOVE the dress and the blazer. They both look very nice! Over-dyeing is such a great way to renew old or unworn garments.

    It’s cool enough in the evenings now that I’ve been knitting quite a bit. I have so many half-finished socks, but I mostly just want to make sweaters.

    1. Kristina

      Thanks Stephanie :)) Definitely better to dye than get rid of the old things!
      Me too, I have lots of started socks here but I really want to make a sweater or cardigan soon. I haven’t done it before and I’m itching to try it.


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