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the summer we never had

I’ve been talking about our rainy rainy summer a lot, but it seems nature has granted our wishes for a beautiful indian summer. Though the trees are turning golden and the streets are already covered in leaves we have been having more sunshine this week than the whole summer.

Not willing to lose a minute of the last warm days of the year I spent the whole saturday at the river with some girlfriends.

You can’t really swim in the Rhine in our parts (well, you can, but you’re likely to drown because of the strong currents), but we soaked up sunshine and warmth for the colder days to come.

(reading this book)

A perfect day and so needed.
(We also did about five loads of laundry, including bedding and blankets, jumping at the chance to get a load or two dry each day. Just keeping it real here.)

rare bits of sunshine

I hastened to capture these last week, sensing I had only minutes left before the sun would be gone.

How the days seem to rush by…at work between meetings and deadlines and a new baby (my co-worker’s) and at home between resting and planning and preparing.
All sewing and making has only been going on inside my head since we found a new place (which shows how behind I am with posting). At the weekends we are too busy decluttering our home. It’s unbelievable just how much stuff accumulates when you live in the same place for 5.5 years. And a small space at that! We’re ruthlessly getting rid of everything we don’t use any more or have multiples of or simply don’t like the look of any more. It’s liberating but exhausting. Just one more weekend should do it though. My dream home would be having just as much stuff as we actually need and use and not one item more.
Liberating, and exhausting, but fun, too.

glimpses of indian summer

The weather forecast promises some nice and sunny days and I hope that after a rainy summer we’ll get some beautiful fall days.

I do need a nice weekend to do some much needed gardening (all those rainy days have made me neglect my balcony so it’s in a pretty sorry state right now).

I’ve also wanted to do a little photo shoot with a friend for weeks and the weather never cooperated.

It’s been a pretty exciting week at work but after coming home exhausted a couple of nights in a row (“more dead than alive” as my boyfriend calls it) I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend with gardening, sewing, reading and taking photos.

pie weather

First time this year eating outside in sunshine with friends.

And enjoying homemade apple pie on Sunday.

We’re having lovely sunshiny spring weather with warm days and cold nights. Shame I’m doing a 5-day course in labour law this week. Sitting still inside all day without sunlight, for hours, until you’re about ready to scream…but then being able to drive out to the barn and stretch your muscles and have a riding lesson outside in the fresh air and the fading light of a beautiful spring day. Bliss.