First Quilt

I love quilts…the mix of colours, the uniqueness, the crinkly look. It is a pity they are virtually unknown here in Germany.

I did my first patchwork approximately 10 years ago, but I didn’t quilt it, so this quilt, which I started early in 2009, is my first “real” quilt. As I didn’t have a sewing machine at the time it is hand-pieced and handquilted. It wasn’t actually so very bad…I have always done a lot of handsewing and I discovered I really like handpiecing. The quilting part however…not so much. I have since handquilted another quilt and let’s put it this way: I cannot wait to master the art of machine-quilting on my borrowed 1970s sewing machine.

As far as my taste in quilts and fabric goes my first one is unusual for me. It is very countryish, very traditional, very american in the colourscheme. But I love it! I saw the fabric and I had to have it, it fit in so perfectly with my western-riding hobby.

IMG_6828_small_2 My cats love it too 🙂

The fabric is “America the Beautiful” by Judie Rothermel by the way, it’s much prettier in real life than in the pictures.



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