my new baby

As promised, pictures of the present my parents and my boyfriend gave me: a new lens for my camera. And what a lens! It’s the Canon EF 50mm 1.4, perfect for portraits and every-day snapshots. I’ve never had a prime lens, nor used one before and I am so, so, so in love! I thought I’d have a hard time adjusting from the zoom lenses but nah, it’s as if I’d never used anything else! And 1.4, the depth of field, the bokehs, the sharpness…you get it, right? As much as I’ve taken my camera with me before, you’ll hardly ever see me without it now! My dad took a picture of me with it (with his Canon 5D…sigh).




2 thoughts on “my new baby

  1. tidytips

    Thank you 🙂 The 50mm 1.4 is truly a great lens, I can’t recommend it highly enough! I shoot 90% of my photos with it now. It really was the best present ever.
    Hope you’ll get lucky and get it for your next birthday too 😉



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