the perfect day

What did I get myself for my birthday you may ask. Well, I got myself a perfect day. Perfect for me of course, it would probably be outright boring for a lot of people:
I got up early and saw my boyfriend off to work. I then sat down on the couch, wrapped myself in my favourite quilt (which I’ve yet to post actually), had my tea and cookies and spend some time on the internet, looking up favourite sites and blogs, listening to music and reading birthday messages.
I decided to not write another chapter for my thesis without feeling guilty and horrible about it. I gave my cats a cuddle and started on a sewing/embroidery project that had been in my head for weeks and months and which I had never found energy to begin with. I stitched for a while and then settled down with a book for the rest of the morning.
Later I drove out to the barn and had a riding lesson. My friend Dana had made me a huge novelty cake in the shape of a horse’s butt (no idea what that means) and we sat down, talked, ate cake and had fun. I got home at around 8, went to check messages and called a few people back who had frantically tried to reach me the whole afternoon to wish me a happy birthday.
See, boring, right? Still perfect :-))

If you wanna leave a comment, I’d love to know what your perfect day(s) would be like!


3 thoughts on “the perfect day

  1. tidytips

    Thanks!! The fabric is Anna Maria Horner’s “Good Folks” line…she does absolutely beautiful stuff! I will post the cushion (because that’s what it is) when it’s finished :-))


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