good folks quilt

My favourite quilt to date. It’s machine pieced but hand-quilted (never again, my poor fingers, I promise!) and I just love the warm, fresh colours, especially now that it’s getting darker outside again.
I mostly work from home and sit on the couch with my laptop, wrapped up in this beauty, trying hard to like reading and writing boring stuff and not to dwell on my craving for company and fresh air. And it’s amazing how this colour-explosion makes my day just a little bit brighter and happier day by day! Reminds me it’s the simple things in life after all… the yellows and pinks and reds and the pride at looking something made by your own hands (why can’t I find that in having completed another page of my thesis?).

I hunted for Anna Maria Horner’s “Good Folks” fabric all over Canada and german online shops, but finally ended up ordering it online from the US (can’t get over how cheap fabric is over there…or how expensive it’s in Europe I should say…including shipping and taxes it was still only a third of what I would’ve paid here…sad, but I’m never buying fabric in Europe again!).
The backing is plain white…the quilting is very simple, just a couple of wavy lines.

good folks quilt
good folks quilt
good folks quilt


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