Yesterday my mom took my brother and me to visit my aunt in hospital. She has been very ill but is slowly recovering. She still can’t speak or sit up or stand up by herself but she is showing great courage and fighting spirit and looking forward to getting out of the hospital soon.
hospital visits
I have to say it though, hospitals terrify me…the smell of desinfectant makes me feel sick and I feel lost and awkward and uncomfortable around ill people. I never know what to say or do and end up being really quiet…and then I fear I come across cold and rude. I admire people who can just be natural and themselves in such an environment, as I have seen friends be. As I have seen my mom be yesterday…she handles the whole situation with such grace, it’s amazing to watch. I’ll just have to try harder I guess.

On a happier note, we went out to dinner with family on Saturday and my aunt and uncle brought their adorable little dog with the impressive name of ‘Rudolpho’. They got him from a rescue organisation a year or so ago and he’s such a shy little sweetheart:


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