sunny circles

A little handstitched pillow to go with my Good Folks quilt. I do love a little handsewing now and then. The fabrics are (of course) Anna Maria Horner’s “Good Folks” and the embroidery floss I bought at a market in Italy this summer, so this is quite an international little pillow…fabrics from the US, floss from Italy and the linen is IKEA and thus a little swedish 🙂
I do promise I’ll show some quilts and stuff using other fabrics than always Good Folks, but most of it has to be kept under wraps til christmas 😉


5 thoughts on “sunny circles

  1. tidytips

    Thank you :-)) I don’t think I’ve seen your pillows, I’ll have to go search for them on your page 🙂 Yep, Anna Maria’s fabrics are just beautiful, she has a new collection out very soon which is also very very pretty 🙂


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