i made food today

Yes, it is that big of a deal! Because mainly my diet consists of frozen pizza, pasta with tomato sauce and…frozen pizza again. Cooking and I don’t like each other. We have this “smile at each other across the street and that’s it” relationship.
And mind you, I’ve tried. Or rather, we’ve tried, because my boyfriend is pretty much the same. We love good food but we totally suck at making it.
Baking, I can do…and love it. But cooking is just not our thing. Our family and friends have really tried to help us, we’ve been given cookbooks, demonstrations and practical tips. And everytime we say ‘Yeah, we’re so gonna do it this time’. Like when we visited friends in Italy this summer and ate fantastic, homemade italian food every day for two weeks. Heaven. And we jotted down recipes and asked questions and told ourselves ‘Gosh, this is so easy, we can so do that at home too’.
And then we’re both home in the evening and we’re like “Are you hungry?” “Yeah, kind of. You?” “Yeah…so, wanna cook something?” “I’m kinda tired” ” Me too”. And frozen pizza it is.
And the thing is, I know just how unhealthy that is and how important good food is and still…doesn’t change a thing. And also, how come you never have the right ingredients to make something when you actually feel like it and yet I throw away so much good food stuff because I haven’t used it and it’s gone bad??
But once in a while I actually make something and get just the tiniest bit creative. Like today, I made a pasta salad with stuff that was leftover in the kitchen, which was basically marinated feta cheese and small tomatoes. So threw in a good bit of olive oil and some balsamic vinegar and then looked for the frozen basil in our cluttered freezer for five minutes (you see, we do buy stuff in the good intention of using it and never really do) and finally grated some parmesan cheese on top. Okay, so this might be the most basic thing for most people but hey, I’m proud of myself… And come to think of it, I had something other than frozen pizza yesterday, too. Though I’m not sure if the college cafeteria qualifies as “real food”. But still…
pasta salad


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