busy bees

How do you all get so much knitting done? Reading other blogs it sometimes seems like you’re all producing socks and scarves and hats like crazy. Somehow my pile of unfinished knitting projects only increases with each idea I pick up somewhere…and then I see the mittens which I started and haven’t worked on since May. And the single socks still waiting patiently for a partner and I can’t even remember if it was 2 years ago or 3 that I made them. And the multiple scarves that I know are in boxes somewhere unfinished.
And it’s gotten worse since I switched watching telly for surfing the internet and reading blogs and forums…how am I ever going to get it all done now? And since I didn’t have the energy to pull out all unfinished things from various hiding places for a photo, these are just what I am working on right now:
in the works
I really hope some of it (preferably all) gets finished…someday.


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