ruffle pillows

Saw a tutorial somewhere the other day and had to whip up these linen ruffle pillows this morning. Took about 30 mins each, so a really quick little project! I love the rough look and feel of linen and I think the natural colour works well with all those bright quilts and such 🙂
ruffle pillows
By the way, using jars for tealights is not only free (provided that you buy those canned goods anyways) and thus perfect for my non-existent student budget but also safe for pets! I used to live in constant fear of my cats getting burned by tealights (and stabbed by pins…and strangled by scarves…I am slightly paranoid that way).
My cats are also my most loyal employees: their specialty is finding any scrap of fabric that is lying around within seconds of appearing and marking that spot by laying down flat on it.
And yes, I do cut my fabric on the floor, because our apartment is tiny and the table is taken by the sewing machine…and usually more fabric…and thus, also at least one cat 😉


2 thoughts on “ruffle pillows

  1. tidytips

    Nee, aber Brüder 😉 Auf dem Foto sehen sie sich tatsächlich sehr sehr ähnlich, aber eigentlich haben sie ganz unterschiedliche Gesichtsformen und der Finn ist deutlich fetter 🙂



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