little gold clutch

I should have been busy working on christmas presents this weekend… but there was this idea in the back of my head and I just had to try it out. And anyways, machine quilting is making me cry right now, so christmas sewing is on hold until I find a walking foot for my sewing machine (did I mention it’s a gorgeous 1970s machine in bright yellow with pretty pretty metal buttons? I love my sewing machine…).
But back to the idea…I’m not a measuring person, so I just took my quilt ruler and based the dimension on the size of the ruler (I actually do that with about 80% of the things I sew). It came together really quickly and I learned to make button holes in the process 🙂
The outer fabric is from an Ikea bedsheet and is a lovely satin-woven cotton (or so says the Ikea website). Ikea calls the color green-yellow – I prefer to call it gold, sounds so much prettier. The lining fabric is Anna Maria Horners “Drawing Room” and the flower is removable (what would I do without safety pins and lots of hot glue?).

I love how it turned out, though I probably won’t be using it that much – I have a habit of dragging half my household along with me when I leave the house and the clutch is just the teensiest bit small for that 🙂


4 thoughts on “little gold clutch

  1. tidytips

    Thank you all 🙂
    Maalaea – right now I’m just making things for hobby but I am really considering opening an Etsy shop, both for sewing and photography. I always have a hard time imagining people would actually buy something I made 🙂



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