shop talk

I’m a lot less busy here because I am a lot more busy in my real life 🙂 The days just fly by with working on my thesis (I love factor analyses…no, I don’t really), bringing job applications up to date and christmas crafting.
I finally finished these mittens (they’re the ones I started in May…). They are made from soft alpaca wool and I knew the particular alpaca whose wool it is personally in Canada when I was over there wwoofing in April…pretty cool, huh?
I love them and have already started on another pair in white alpaca wool which will be a little longer and a little different. I already bought the prettiest red buttons for it :))

3 thoughts on “shop talk

  1. Amber

    I am loving your blog! I’m so glad you came to visit mine. 🙂 Those fingerless mitts are fabulous! Did you use a pattern? I’ve been meaning to start a pair but am not in love with the pattern I have.



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