14 again

14 was a while ago…for me it was the time of endless concerts and celebrity crushs. Sunday evening Dana and I were unexpectedly catapulted back there when we went to see Paramore in concert in Cologne. Arriving 2.5 hours ahead of time (I hate standing at the back and not seeing anything) we went to stand in line in the pouring rain and realized we were at least 10 years older than any of the couple of hundred other people/kids queuing up…
So much for feeling old at 25 šŸ˜‰ Gosh, I wouldn’t want to be 14 again for anything!
The concert was amazing, though the performance of my 11 year old film camera (bought at 14 and having spent a good 5 years in retirement) was a bit disappointing. Still, I photographed the prints and ran them through photoshop and I quite like them now.

Another thing that has changed so much in ten years: when my concert-going phase was in full swing everyone brought lighters and sparklers to create a beautiful atmosphere for quiet songs…today the kids bring cameras and mobile phones. No comparison.

Still, it was a great concert and over far too quickly. Get a glimpse of the atmosphere here: Paramore Cologne


4 thoughts on “14 again

    1. tidytipsy

      Thank you so much! I don’t usually shoot on film but I keep that old camera specially for concerts. Partly because I don’t have a digital point and shoot to take but also because I really love those grainy black + whites for concert photos…just adds a nice atmosphere I think šŸ™‚
      I didn’t know you also shoot concerts, I’ll have to look for those over at your website šŸ™‚



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