dinner for five

Our italian friends are in town for business and we had them over for dinner yesterday. Big thing for us, we never have people over for dinner…mainly because we suck at cooking so badly. I found an easy recipe for chili con carne online and made lots of bread to go with that (bread I can do!). My dad brought along enough italian cheese and ham and melon to feed a dozen and we had a really nice evening.

I got to show off my new napkins (check out the tutorial over at Sew, Mama, Sew).

Our friends brought us loads of these gorgeous fettucine from their hometown! Don’t they look simply delicious?

Now we’ll have to decided how to cook them, it would be a shame to just eat them with plain tomato sauce!
Not that I’m usually sentimental (ok, maybe I am) but I do feel overwhelmed and very very grateful for all our wonderful friends, both in Italy and back home!! You guys know who you are (I hope!) and you all rock!!


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