technical issues

My cheery yellow sewing machine is not only very pretty (how I love those retro metal buttons!) but also…pretty old. Not really really old but about thirty years old. Ever since I got it a couple of months back it has had to work harder than ever before in its long life. And it has decided it’s high time to go on strike. I think when I got a walking foot for it recently that was the final straw.
It gave up on Saturday but having the best friends ever I hope it will be fixed soon. Apparently it’s the capacitor in the pedal that has finally reached the end of its life. Not that I know what a capacitor is but whatever. I have a picture though, for all of you who are dying to know…

Apparently capacitors are easy to come by and a guy I know has already agreed to solder the new one in so it should be fixed in a couple of weeks (fingers crossed!).
I miss my machine 😦 I had so many great ideas for the shop, not to mention the christmas gifts which will now reach their recipients way after christmas. I’ll console myself by handstitching and knitting I guess.


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