christmas goodies

This christmas everyone got handmade presents from me. Bathroom stuff for the most part, since I already had most of the supplies and was making soap and stuff anyways (and because some presents didn’t get finished in time because my sewing machine gave out).
Here’s the bag of goodies:
Lavender and Citrus Bath Bombs with lots of cocoa butter and almond oil (please let them work, I only made them the weekend before christmas and haven’t actually tried them myself…)

The lavender one was supposed to be purple but…well, before I found out the colour pigment actually dissolves in water only and not in oil it was a little too late. I was cleverer for the citrus one afterwards obviously (though I’m always anxious about adding water since I don’t use preservatives).

Yummy chocolate lipbalm

Citrus soap – I am actually soo in love with this one, i am forever taking it out just to sniff at it and always keep a piece in the shower. Made with organic green tea instead of my usual goatsmilk.

And finally some lavender soap. Did I mention my little problem with color pigments?? This one was supposed to be purple as well (surprise, surprise) but I took way to little pigment and it turned green…really, really green. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Oh, and when you wash with it the foam turns slightly purple…nice, eh? After the initial shock has worn off, I’m deciding it is the perfect halloween soap and have named it “lavender witch”.


8 thoughts on “christmas goodies

  1. Laura

    Hi! I would LOVE to know your recipes!! I have an aunt who is exceedingly sensitive to anything petroleum-based, so I am thinking of starting to make her things like the bath bombs, soaps, and chapstick. Additionally I want to start using natural products on my skin as well. Also where did you get your chapstick tubes? I’ve started using shea butter for my lips but can only find it in the tins, tubes would be much easier! 🙂


    1. tidytipsy

      Hi Laura, I used german recipes, so I’ll try and translate them for you. I’ll send you an email when I’m done.
      The bathbombs and chapstick are really easy to make when you have all the ingredients
      Soap is a little more complicated. I can give you the recipe but you should try to find a website where they explain cold-process soapmaking in detail (I only know german ones unfortunately). It’s definitely worth learning however, soapmaking is a lot of fun and you’ll treat your skin to all natural and high-quality ingredients. I’ll never use anything storebought again 😉
      I got the chapstick tubes in a store after searching all over for them. If you’re in the US it should be easier to find them, online at least.


  2. amusedPolish

    hab deinen Post grad bei Crafster gesehn und würd gern wissen, wie du die Schoki-Lip Balms gemacht hast.

    PS: von wo hast du eigentlich diese Tübchen zum rausdrehen her? schaut wirklich professionell aus und kein DIY projekt ^^


    1. tidytipsy

      Hallo, ich hab in dem Craftster-Thread den Link zum Rezept und eine englische Übersetzung gepostet! Man schmeisst einfach alles zusammen und erhitzt es, dann giesst man es in die Formen und wartet bis es hart wird 😉 Die Tübchen hab ich bei Cosmeda gekauft (schau mal ob bei dir in der Nähe eine Filiale ist), aber es gibt sie auch in einigen Onlineshops.


    1. tidytipsy

      Abbi, here it is:
      Here’s the link to the lipbalm (german):

      Chocolate Lipbalm
      • 10ml almond oil
      • 8g beeswax
      • 7g chocolate (a little piece)
      • 5ml olive oil
      • 5g shea butter (I took cocoa butter)
      • 10ml jojoba oil
      • a small teaspoon of honey
      Put everything except the honey in a small heatproof glass or bowl and heat up, stirring until everything dissolves (the beeswax can take quite some time to melt). Stir in the honey and pour into little containers or tubes.
      Notes from me: I heated mine using a hot water bath for the bowl and put it in the fridge after pouring it in the tubes to make it harden more quickly.



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