biting the dust

I fell with my horse in my riding lesson on thursday. Yep, fell with him, not off him! Ben (the pony) didn’t pay attention and fell over his own feet, and down we went. I originally thought I was fine but it seems I’ve hurt my elbow (which has been bad for years and was the reason I took up horseriding in the first place, because I had to quit playing volleyball). As of this morning I can’t move my right arm higher than a couple of inches without screaming in pain and there goes my sewing saturday…
I had a nice plan for today but now I can most definitely not use the sewing machine, so I will probably do some handsewing or drawing.
I had originally planned a post on lino printing today but I still have to get the photos ready, so you’ll have to wait till tomorrow for that one.

The cuplrit, looking sufficiently unaffected.


2 thoughts on “biting the dust

    1. tidytipsy

      Ja, war nicht so ne tolle Aktion…Gottseidank wars nur Samstag so schlimm, ich muss in der Nacht auch noch doof auf dem Ellenbogen gelegen haben. Mittlerweile bin ich ziemlich wiederhergerstellt, nur die Schulter war geprellt und tut noch etwas weh 😉 Komischerweise tat mein Bein gar nicht weh, obwohl da n paar hundert Kilo Ben drübergerollt sind…



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