and another high-waisted skirt

I am really loving these and had to make another one. This time I made the skirt a full circle and added pleated pockets (tutorial by Rae). Of course I messed up a little again and it came out too big, so I had to add two pleats each at the front and the back. I didn’t have a zipper foot for my old treadle machine (though I’m getting one now!), so I stitched the zipper in by hand. Next time I think I’ll try an A-line shape.
I’m not too fond of these pictures, but it’s freezing and dark outside and I didn’t want to wait till the weekend to take new ones. Those gorgeous shoes are Dino Bigioni by the way (friends of mine).

(click to see these slightly larger)


6 thoughts on “and another high-waisted skirt

    1. tidytipsy

      Thank you :)) I’m entirely self-taught. As long as I can remember I’ve made little things. I used to do a lot of handsewing until my boyfriend’s mom gave me her sewing machine last year. I still love handsewing though. Usually machines come with a manual that tells you exactly how to thread it and use it. My old treadle sewing machine came without a manual but there’s always lovely people on the internet somewhere who will help you out and tell you how things work.
      There are lots of pages with tutorials out there also, so to start learning I would pick a small, uncomplicated project and follow a tutorial. It just takes practice until things start looking nice and with every new project you learn something new 🙂
      If your mom knows how to sew that’s great! You could pick a small project (maybe a patchwork pillow) and ask her if she’ll help you make it!


      1. bambooska

        I’ll ask her to teach me in the next vacations! I just got back to the city I live, I was with my parents for a while visiting.

        You make it look so simple! But I bet it’s hard, I mean, how can it not be? I wouldn’t even know where to start. But all these projects you do are VERY inspiring. Makes me feel like doing these things on my own! I’ll search for tutorials on the web and do some hand sewing. If I think I got it right, I’ll buy a sewing machine some day.

        Thanks for the advices. 😉


        1. tidytipsy

          It’s not so very hard, I swear 🙂 You just have to start out slowly and with simple things. If you start out with something complex you’re likely to become frustrated. I find handsewing easier than machine sewing so I think that’s a good way to start. Have a look over at Sew, Mama, Sew, there’s lots of tutorials for little things on that page, though you might have to search for them a little.
          Have fun :))


    1. tidytipsy

      I didn’t really use a pattern, but I based it loosely on these directions:
      I made the skirt a full circle though. I haven’t saved the link to the directions for that one, but if you google circle skirt tutorial you should find something you can work with 😉
      Good luck with your skirt! I would recommend making a muslin though before you cut into that precious fabric 😉
      Do let me know if you made it!



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