loving film

I never got around to posting them, but I got my first test roll of film from my Olympus OM-2N scanned a couple of days ago. They’re only a couple of test shots I did when I was hanging out at the barn, but I am so in love with these lovely retro colors. Also I had forgotten how soft film is. We’re so used to tack sharp digital photos that these seem sort of dreamy in comparison.
Sweet baby at the barn:

Don’t even know what I love about this picture but somehow this draws me again and again!

Taking full advantage of the Zuiko 50mm 1.4 lens. Very interesting bokeh I think, definitely different than with my Canon (though my lens there is also 50mm 1.4).

And of course my cats, what would a post on this blog be without them?

I will be going on holiday next week (yay!) so don’t be surprised if things are a bit quiet around here. I hope to be coming home with lots and lots of new pictures for y’all, both film and digital (keeping fingers crossed for good weather!!) 🙂
Also I have been thinking of starting a series of tutorials on how to use a vintage treadle (or how I use my treadle to be specific), very basic things like threading, oiling, changing needles, adjusting tension and stitch length etc. Might be handy if someone buys a treadle without a manual and wonders how to use it. Would anybody actually be interested in that? Let me know!


6 thoughts on “loving film

  1. Rosamaría

    i love how looks film photos… yours are great, i can’t be boring to your photos about horses and cats, i really like them!
    the tutorial sounds great i’ll be waiting for it…

    have a great and fun time off!!


    1. tidytipsy

      Thanks 🙂 I’m glad you like the horses and cats, I often feel I hardly post anything else 😉 Glad to know you’d be interested in the tutorial, I’ll work on that when I come back then!


  2. bambooska

    I love the idea of a tutorial!

    Also, fingers are crossed for the best weather in Germany. Can’t wait to see all the pictures you’re gonna take. And oh! Spring! I hope I’ll come across very colorful images too. Have a safe trip!




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