ameland – part 1

Hi everyone! Just a short hello from Ameland, a beautiful little island in the Netherlands, which separates the Wadden Sea from the North Sea.
We (my friend Dana and I) left on Monday at 5am and arrived at the harbour in time to catch the 9.30am ferry. The ferry takes about 30-45mins to Ameland and then another 15min bus ride to the little village where we are staying.
We’ve had lots of sunshine, great food and lots to see so far and are enjoying every minute of our stay!
Here are some impressions of our first day:

The lighthouse, the islands most impressive landmark. We will be trying to get a good night shot of this (Dana brought a tripod, yay).

The beach at low tide (this is the North Sea side. We haven’t yet been to the Wadden Sea on foot but it’s on the agenda today). I have until now resisted the temptation of buying a pair of brighty chequered wellis, though I did splurge on some souvenirs.

I just like the colors in this one. See the amazing blue sky we had the first day!

Say cheese! We visited a cheesemaker and asked if we could see their workrooms. We are here out of season, so there is literally no one on the island except the inhabitants and so they allowed it!

I can’t even begin to describe how delicious these homemade cheeses are! We bought different types and are feasting like kings!

We left the car on the mainland and are getting around on bikes here (everyone in Holland owns a bike). Lots of fun, but we rode around so much that first day that we were really sore and had to take a break from the bikes yesterday. ‘Fietspad’ means bike path and in the background you can see the grass dunes which lie before the sand dunes on the beach.

Enjoying the evening light at the beach.

Sunset at the beach. We had originally planned to photograph until the sun really went down, but with the wind picking up and the sun losing its strength it was just freezing and we had to head home earlier. We’re hoping for another beautiful clear sunset tonight.
Hope you enjoyed these and stay tuned for pictures of quaint dutch houses, fishing boats and seals coming soon!


17 thoughts on “ameland – part 1

  1. bambooska

    OMG, it’s such a beautiful place! Keep posting more pictures, yay! BTW, can you get inside the lighthouse? It would just be awesome to snap closer pictures of it at night.

    I bought cheese today and it reminded me of these you took! Ha. 😀

    Gotta love bikes too. 😉


  2. Janine

    Do i have to write in english too? ;o)
    Nice pictures, beautiful weather, hope you have a lot of fun..
    and looking forward to see more pics
    Greetings from home


    1. tidytipsy

      Nee, du darfst auf deutsch 😉 Neue Fotos kommen vll morgen. Hoffe bei euch ist das Wetter auch gut!? Wird diese Woche jetzt schon angeweidet?


  3. tidytipsy

    Thanks y’all! Glad you like the pics, I hope I can post more soon 🙂
    @bambooska: We’re going to visit the lighthouse later today and yes, we get to go inside. It’ll be pretty scary for me, I’m afraid of heights!
    It’s around 12°C here, in the sun and out of the wind that’s ok but at night it gets cold pretty fast.


  4. Sarah

    What great photos, it looks like you had a fabulous time! I particularly like the cheeses, it’s always great to see artisan foodies at work!


    1. tidytipsy

      Thanks Sarah, oh I did! And you would not believe how good that cheese was! Love your blog btw food and photography is such an interesting combo!


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