back home

I’m back home and busy cuddling my cats, editing pictures and planning blog posts.
While I miss the sea air and the beach and the ‘thinking of nothing but what to do and photograph and eat next’, I had these awesome prints waiting for me at home:

I’d bought these and 2 more from trafalgarssquare on Etsy and they arrived while I was away. Aren’t they so cute? Can’t wait to frame them and hang them on my walls!
Have a nice weekend everyone!


6 thoughts on “back home

  1. tidytipsy

    Thank you đŸ™‚ We hung one on the wall already and have to go buy frames for the rest of them now. I’m slowly building up a nice collection of different art works and frames for our living room to group them all together. Etsy is such a great place to buy artwork from lots of different talented people!



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