ameland part 3

Okay, I vaguely remember promising sunset photos 😉 So here comes the third installment of Ameland photos.
First of all, some wildlife: there are thousands of birds on the island, mostly sea-gulls. Large areas of the island serve as nature reserve and are pretty much left alone.

While the days were sunny, the dew in the morning made for some nice photos too (this one was taken with my Macro Snap-on lens Raynox DCR-250):

The island was so deserted that we hardly met any people at all. It is amazing how fast you get used to this quiet. When we even went to a beach cafe where there were people and especially on the way home on the highway it was a total culture shock!

This buddy lived at the place where we were staying (highly recommendable by the way) and made it very clear he was used to coming inside and treated like a Prince. This is his ‘Are you thick? Go on open the door’ look.

Ok, here’s the sunset photos at last! I took so many and it was hard to narrow them down. I still cannot decide which of these two would be better for the shop? I’d love to hear your suggestions on that!
number 1

or number 2?

The technical data for these are: Canon 450d, 50mm 1.4, f22, ISO100, manual metering, shutter speed between 1.3 and 2 seconds and I used a tripod (obviously).
After the sunset we hurried up to the dunes to photograph the lighthouse. It actually gets dark very quickly once the sun has set and when you’re standing on an empty beach all alone and the lights on your bike don’t work it’s kinda creepy. We pretty much hurried home after a few shots.

And here’s the last one, another sunset on a different day and a different beach. We almost stayed home because it was cloudy and we were tired and it was freezing…but boy, was it worth it!

You can’t see it in this photo but there was a seal swimming and hunting mere meters away from us in the water! We’d see his head popping up now and then, he was probably wondering what the two girls were doing, just standing there for 45mins in the cold on a deserted beach 😉


10 thoughts on “ameland part 3

  1. Kathryn

    Wow, beautiful photos. If I had to choose between the two sunset shots I think my favorite would have to be the second one. Sounds like you really enjoyed your trip.


  2. Lynda

    Kristina, Your photos are so beautiful! I love the sunset pics but my favorite of those two is also the second one. I like it better because of the way the pilings (or whatever those wood things are!) line up but aren’t perfect but they show more in the second one. The dew picture was wonderful also. Really they are all wonderful, even Buddy!


  3. Emma

    Amazing photographs – you have a real eye for capturing the moment. The gull looks almost comical – I love it!

    I think I like the first of the two seascapes… and I can’t get over how you’ve captured the beams of the lighthouse!


  4. tidytipsy

    Thank you! It was definitely a lovely little island and I think I’ll be back next year!
    Emma, capturing the beams wasn’t so hard actually…you just need a tripod and find the right exposure time and then ‘get’ the rythm of the light beams and release the shutter at the right time…basically just timing and not minding lots of outtakes 😉



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