first holga photos

Here they come, my first Holga shots and also my first 2 self-processed rolls of film (both Ilford HP5plus)!
I think the Holga and I got off to a good start, though so far I’m having trouble finding the right focus point (apparently it’s not quite in the middle either but a bit to the right). Hence there’s only one photo that’s really and truly in focus and it’s the best shot from the two rolls:

I have to apologized for the bad quality scans. I got prints done and scanned them because I can’t scan negatives but I can see now it was a bad idea and a sad waste of money: the quality of the prints is appalling and this is not the first lab that I’ve had this problem with. I think I’ll have to dig into my savings to buy a scanner after all. Scanning negatives apparently is the only option if I’ll be shooting more film.

The up side is: I will definitely be shooting more film in the future. I am totally in love with my Holga and my Om-2N and have a lot of fun using them.

I went to another barn event today (a Quarter Mile Race on the local race track) and took along all three cameras and did indeed use them all! Each one is unique and I find myself looking for totally different motives, and seeing completely different things, depending on the camera I have in my hand. It’s fascinating and just an awful lot of fun!
Ok, two more horse shots (of course):

This one is pretty badly out of focus, but I still liked it too much not to show it:


6 thoughts on “first holga photos

  1. bambooska

    Considering you did this all yourself I would say you’re a freaking genius. Did you reveal the photographs in your own place, right? I mean, at least that’s what I could tell from your previous posts. (Lemme guess, lemme guess: was it in the bathroom? :D)

    Also, how do you come up with all this? Do you do researches on the subject or are you just born talented? I know nothing about cameras, nothing, I tell you… and the thought of revealing my own photographs is hilarious to me because, first of all, I have no idea where to start. Second of all, if you told me all I need is a piece of charcoal and a blank sheet of paper, I WOULD TOTALLY BELIEVE YOU.

    See how dumb I am? LOL


    1. tidytipsy

      Yep, all done in my tiny bathroom, sitting on the floor between the toilet and the sink đŸ™‚ Haha, I wish I was born talented đŸ˜‰ Truth is, I really like learning new stuff and when I get excited about something (which happens pretty fast) I spend hours and hours and hours researching it, googling, reading forums, books, tutorials…anything and everything I can find.
      Two weeks ago I wouldn’t have known where to start either. The good news is: anybody can do that, it doesn’t take a special talent to become good at photography, or sewing, or processing film. The bad news: It’s a lot of work and a lot of time until you get there đŸ˜‰
      But it is so rewarding at the same time! I’ve just bought a scanner and will be teaching myself to scan negatives next (apparently it’s kinda complicated from what I’ve read).
      Bottom line: As soon as you get past the idea of ‘surely I can’t do that’ you can do anything you want, if you are willing to put the necessary effort into it!
      When I start out something new I never think ‘oh, I’ll never learn that’, I just think ‘how can I learn that’ đŸ™‚
      That’s why I am sure you will succeed in getting into college, because you want it badly. And if you shouldn’t make it, you’ll find something else that you want to do and you’ll be good at that too!


  2. bambooska

    Those are some very comforting words, and what’s even better: it makes total sense, you know? But why fear must be the very first reaction?

    And look at me talking as if I owned a decent camera and all. LOL
    I’m gonna start working in a while with the sole purpose of buying a camera of my own, and then I’ll see what I can do from there. I don’t mind going slow, I’m all just curious about this and many more.


  3. Sam

    You’ll have to let me know if you find a decent negative scanner… I was using one at school and I was really disappointed with it. My negatives scanned in COVERED in dust spots, but since I wiped them off first it must’ve come from inside the scanner… not cool.

    I love your shots! black and white film is the true photographic art form…


    1. tidytipsy

      Hi Sam,
      I am now using the Canon Canoscan 8800F and I am really happy with it! Dust is always a problem though and you will always have dust, with any scanner! It really can’t be avoided. Using good software with the scanner helps with color negatives, there’s usually a feature to eliminate dust (however I prefer to scan without further processing, I like to do it all myself in Photoshop).
      With black and white film you have to get rid of the dust in Photoshop yourself, using the Healing Brush tool.



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