and just forget the world

Sometimes you just need a little alone-time.

That little pony there? I’m lucky enough to have been riding him for 3 years. That pasture? Not where he’s supposed to be.
But the flies are a pain and in the big herd there’s a lot going on, with friendships to be forged and water to be fought over and he’s not a big socializer. So he frequently wanders off by himself, through the fence to greener pastures where he has lots of alone time, just the fat green grass and himself. Sometimes he’ll lie down and sleep with no other horse to be seen (someone has yet to explain to him that horses are herd animals).
He’s a weird little pony and that’s why I love him to bits.


2 thoughts on “and just forget the world

    1. tidytipsy

      Haha, I guess you guys have the same personality πŸ™‚ Though I guess we want alone-time to get away from our busy bustling lives while he’s just the most laid-back little horse I’ve ever met. While most horses are cautious and slightly scared when it comes to seeing and doing new things, his attitude is always like “Whatever – does this involve food in any way?”. Oh, I could gush about him forever, he’s the cutest little guy πŸ™‚



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