Now that the warm weather is in full swing our balcony is getting greener and prettier by the day. The zucchini look like they mean business this year and the raspberries will be ready soon.
But the strawberries are already here and they are delicious.

I am always planning on freezing them to make jam or something, but then they look so tempting that I just eat them all up, plain with a little sugar.
Just perfect after a day at work, coming home, cuddling the cats and eating fresh strawberries.

I already have my weekend planned out full, with a photoshoot tomorrow and a show to see after, but I’ll try to take pics of the things on my to-blog-list, in the hope they’ll make it onto here soon đŸ™‚
Here’s to a delicious, sunshiny weekend!


8 thoughts on “strawberries

  1. Lynda


    Love your second shot with the hands. Are those your hands?

    I know it’s hard not to eat all of the strawberries, especially after just picking them.


    1. tidytipsy

      Thanks Lynda đŸ™‚ Yep, those are my hands, I made my boyfriend take the picture.
      You surely have lots of strawberries from your garden too right?



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