handmade blue shirt

Ever since I bought Cal Patch’s Book on how to draft patterns I have been totally hooked. There’s quite a few things I want to show off but since this is newest and I took pretty photos of it today, here’s my new blue shirt:

It was sewn again on my Great-grandma’s trusty treadle. The blue fabric is the same clearance fabric I made the skirt of (and I still have lots left), so I could experiment a little with the pattern and some pleating.
The buttons are vintage from the flea market. I am especially proud of the bias tape finish at the neckline because the last time I tried it it didn’t work and I am glad it did this time 🙂

The buttonholes are by hand, as always.
Here’s a pic of me wearing it. I decided to tuck it in since I feel it is a bit big on me otherwise (though I might be imagining that, I don’t usually wear loose fitting clothing).

And a back shot. The pleating is actually straight (not crooked like it appears in the photo) and I wore it all day today, so that’s why it’s all crinkly.

I am totally on a roll sewing clothing at the moment, I even went ahead and did some serious splurging on nice fabrics (as in, buying nice soft 100% cotton fabrics at a price I can absolutely not afford). But oh, can you imagine the tunic style tops and Peter Pan collar shirts? I sure can!


13 thoughts on “handmade blue shirt

    1. tidytipsy

      Thanks Camille! Definitely try out drafting patterns from her book, it’s so addictive and fun once you get the hang of it!


  1. itsannadee

    your photos are beautiful…but you should consider selling clothes on etsy! super cute.
    found your blog thru a flickr group i was browsing.


    1. tidytipsy

      Thank you! I definitely can’t sell any of my clothing though 😀 …I’m not the neatest sewer and believe me, my work is nowhere near good enough to sell 😉


  2. Kristina Post author

    Hi there, glad you like it 🙂
    This post is five years old though, I no longer have the pattern I used I’m afraid!



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