little folks zig-zag pillows

Inspired by this beautiful little pillow *here* I just had to copy the idea and make these little zig-zag pillows:

I had a lot (as far as patchwork goes) Little Folks fabric left over from making the Little Folks Quilt a while ago and this voile fabric is just so soooft and buttery, I had to use it for something.
This one is a bold color combination for me, but I think it works very well.

This one is closer to my original inspiration:

The backs are with contrasting Little Folks fabrics:

To make the zigzag I used *this tutorial* from ‘a quilt is nice’. Very straighforward and easy to follow!
I think I’ll have these on my balcony, it can use a little patchwork and color đŸ™‚


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