I meant to post the first part of a little travel diary of my fun and carefree weekend today, but although I don’t normally comment on political stuff, it feels very wrong today to write about happy stuff and not mention yesterday’s tragedy.
I have never been to the Love Parade myself but my brother used to go and was planning to go yesterday as well, though he heard the news early enough and stayed home. A friend from the barn was planning to go but I don’t know if she did. A friend of my boyfriend’s planned to go but didn’t, as did my friend’s best friend.
Everybody I know knows someone who went or was planning to go and I still cannot believe that 19 people died and hundreds were injured in a town right next door. I am at a loss for words and so very very sorry.


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  1. tidytipsy

    Thanks you two! They are counting over 500 injured now, 19 trampled or squeezed to death. It is always horrible when something like that happens but it is usually far away. Although it shouldn’t it does feel different when it could very easily have been your own brother or sister or friend among the dead.



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