travel diary: zandvoort

The second day of our little tour was a Saturday and as Amsterdam was bound to be crowded we opted for spending the day at the beach. The beach town of Zandvoort is only 30 minutes from Amsterdam.
We got up early and bought some buns and marmelade and fruit and drove out to Zandvoort to have breakfeast in the dunes.

Afterwards we walked into town and found the prettiest little beach bar to have coffee and just sit for a while and read.

The beach was surprisingly empty, perhaps because the weather was supposed to be cloudy and cool. Instead, by midday the clouds had cleared completely and it was hot enough to swim in the North Sea!

We spent the day relaxing and treated ourselves to dinner at an italian restaurant in the evening (though we did walk around for an hour to find the least pricey one).
More on our last day in Amsterdam soon đŸ™‚


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