thrift store finds

The latest thrift store visit was a great success again.
My friend and I drove by two different stores and in the first one I got this green glass jar/vase, which I love. I filled it with collected shells and drift wood for lack of a better idea for now.
Our apartment at the moment is crowded and jumbled and mismatched but we’re dreaming of bigger and better things (and will continue dreaming for a while yet) and I definitely see this vase getting a nice place that shows off its beauty.

We got to the second store and I hit the jackpot 5 minutes in: A metal green singer 337 sewing machine. It looked like the sturdy steel/metal workhorse I have been looking for for a while, but let’s face it: At the asking price of 10€ (that’s right!) I would have taken it anyway. Isn’t she so pretty?

Turns out the shop even had a tailor look it over to see if it works all right! It came without the manual or extra feet and bobbins but I have been doing some research. It was manufactured in Scotland in 1965 and is indeed all metal parts (score!). I have been trying out all functions (that I could see) and it works perfectly! Looks like I finally got my zig-zag stitch that I have been missing and I plan on using both this baby and my beloved treadle equally 🙂

Once I’ve cleaned it up that is, because it doesn’t look like anyone’s ever bothered in the last 45 years. It sews beautifully even now, so it will be a dream to use once it’s all cleaned up!


9 thoughts on “thrift store finds

    1. tidytipsy

      Thanks Lynda! I really did get very lucky with that Singer, I think it must be worth a lot more than I paid for it and I really needed a zigzag machine 🙂


    1. tidytipsy

      Thanks RosaMaria 🙂 I know, isn’t the glass beautiful? I painted my living room walls grey last weekend and the green glass looks really nice now against the grey walls!
      I still haven’t had time to clean the sewing machine but I hope to use it very soon 🙂


  1. amy @ a nest for All Seasons

    GIRLFRIEND!! I’ve been totally eating up your whole blog this morning and stumble upon this post…I JUST found the exact same machine a few days ago (I am totally not kidding…see?

    Have you love your Singer?? I’m so excited to get mine fire up…the metal and the blue is so much more enticing than my modern plastic white machine 😉


    1. tidytipsy

      Oh, it really is the same one! Congratulations on a great find! Just yours is light blue and mine is light green (and yours looks a lot cleaner than mine!). I’ll be curious to see how you get one with it.
      I’m sorry to say I’m not using mine at the moment. It’s got nothing to do with the machine though, I just haven’t a place to put it in our small apartment and it still needs a deep clean badly. In our next home (we’re apartment hunting right now), she’ll get her own permanent place and I hope to be using her quite a lot then.


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