horsehair bracelet: tutorial

As my regular readers know I love horseriding and have been riding the funniest little pony for three years. I love the little guy so much and for my last birthday my friend gave me a bracelet made out of his tail hair which she had had made by a woman in Holland.
Sadly it fell apart after having worn it constantly for three months and I really wanted another bracelet. My boyfriend and I did some research (neither of us had ever made jewelery before) and we came up with this easy way to make a horsehair bracelet:

  • horse hair from either mane or tail, preferably same length
  • a silver clasp like the one shown in the pictures below
  • pliers
  • superglue
  • safety pin
  • a pair of scissors

Disclaimer: I know nothing about making jewelery and this is probably (definitely) not the neatest way but it works and is nice and quick and easy.
We start off with a suitable amount of horsehair (depending on how wide you want the bracelet to be and how thick the horses hair is). I like my bracelets small and my pony’s tail hair is very thick so I only really need a couple of hairs.
Make a knot and put a safety pin through. This amount of hair is enough for two braids and 4-6 bracelets by the way:

Now we can fasten the safety pin on a pillow or somewhere comfortable and can start braiding:

Braid until you have more than enough of braid to go around your arm (I always do the full length of the hairs and I can get 2-3 bracelets out of one strand of hairs).

Now we need to secure the ends so we can cut the bracelet to the right length. To do this, put a couple of drops of superglue on the braid where you want the bracelet to start and end. You’ll have to wrap it around your wrist to see how long it needs to be. Let the glue dry and repeat.
When the two coats of glue are dry you can cut the two ends of the braid and the braid won’t come undone.

We need a clasp where we can lay the end parts of the braid into the end part of the clasp and then squeeze that part shut with the pliers into a tube.

When you don’t have pliers (like us) look for a pair of household scissors that may do the job as well.

After squeezing the ends of the clasp shut with the braid in them all that remains is to secure that the braid can’t be pulled out again by daily wear. Give a couple of drops of superglue on the top of the tubes and the glue will be sucked into the tube.

Let the glue dry completely and put on and admire your bracelet!

I personally can never be bothered to take it off and having to put it on again, so I just wear it constantly. So far it has survived several months of constant wear and daily showering and seems to be very durable. Besides being very unobtrusive jewelery I just love having a part of my pony with me always!


105 thoughts on “horsehair bracelet: tutorial

  1. Cassie Zweig

    Thank you for your quick and easy tutorial! I’ve been searching the web for instructions with pictures and your site fits the bill! I have a 25 yr old Appendix horse and borrowed just enough tail hairs to make a bracelet and hopefully a tassel. Will be making a trip to the hobby store for the foldover cord ends, clasp (lobster), and jump ring today. So excited, thank you again!


  2. Mykaela

    This is actually quite amazing, I absolutely love how professional this looks.
    I have made a bracelet before but ’twas never as profess as this!

    thankyou Xx


  3. Irene

    My old girl is 36yrs young & home bred so I thought it would be a nice thing to have. Am waiting to get the clasps but the plait looks great with a mix of grey hairs with the chestnut!


  4. Kathy

    I will be trying this….i lost my 29 year old quarter horse last summer and have been looking for something easy to try myself and think i have found it. Thank you.


  5. Kate

    Thank you for the quick, efficient & easy tutorial! I’ve been searching the internet for something just like this, glad I came across your blog! My family & I have a small horse farm, mostly filled with our American paint horse mares,along with our retired off the track thoroughbreds,an old Arabian (38 yes old)& our oldest a miniature horse whose in his late 40s, We love them all ,and it’s nice to have a simple keepsake that I can make & that’ll last!
    Thank you!



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