cityscapes: cologne

As some of you might know I work in Cologne, Germany. To make my lunch breaks more interesting I set myself a weekly challenge to take a series of pictures with the theme ‘yellow’.

All of these were taken with the Olympus OM 2N. Isn’t it funny how much english language there is in this very german city!

I must say I find it hard to take pictures in the city. I see little beauty in noisy, dirty, crowded streets, while the country with its quiet, muddy paths is heaven.

This one isn’t really yellowy but Lynda requested a close-up picture of a little old fashioned bakery shop I photographed before:


6 thoughts on “cityscapes: cologne

    1. tidytipsy

      Haha, I can actually. It is a very traditional bakery store and they make all of their stuff themselves. I am sure it is very good and very healthy but unfortunately it’s just too expensive for me 😉


    1. tidytipsy

      It is, it is a bustling, fashionable and young city. It is great to work in because I can go shopping during my lunch break, haha 🙂 But I’ll still take country over city any day 🙂



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