birthday calendar – tutorial

Our circle of friends is rather small, but still we keep forgetting birthdays of friends and family. There’s Facebook and other networks that send out reminders but I prefer the old paper wall calendar. I didn’t find a birthday calendar I liked on Etsy, so I made one myself.
I had some leather samples that I liked and wanted to use. Just make a template and cut two (one each for front and back).

Grab some scrapbook paper and cut out 12 pages from your template. Label the pages for month and dates using real ink for a nice look.

Punch a hole on each page and on the two leather pages at the top at and use a key ring to keep all pages together.

Now take your time to go through old calendars, social networks and pieces of paper to find the birthdays of friends and family to write down. Quick and easy but oh so helpful πŸ˜‰


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