cooking class with dana – part 1

Like I mentioned in this post my friend Dana is teaching my boyfriend and me a monthly cooking class in an attempt to get us to cook and eat healthier.
Last weekend was our first class and it was very yummy and fun and we learned some stuff that we can definitely try again on our own. We’re also learning to cook with as few dairy products as possible, since I have just found out that I have a lactose intolerance problem (sniff, I do love fresh milk so).

We prepared a whole 3 course meal and had lots of fun in the crowded kitchen. Please excuse the terrible lighting, it was pitch black out by the time we ate.

For starters we had cucumber salad with roasted buttery bread (hey, nobody said anything about fat-free, on with the butter!).

Next came these turkey involtini with cheese and ham and a fresh summer salad and sesame rolls.

And last but not least these cream puffs with fresh homemade blueberry sauce. It was my first time making choux pastry (what a weird dough) but they came out so good!

I do hope that a couple more of these classes and by the end of the winter we’ll have learned to eat fresher and healthier and do more cooking ourselves.
Any recipe requests?


5 thoughts on “cooking class with dana – part 1

  1. Lynda

    Yum! That cucumber salad was interesting that you cut the cuke lengthwise. What is in that salad? Oh, I love cream puffs. My mom used to make them when I was a kid, and I have made them but it’s been a long time. We made chocolate or vanilla custard to go inside. Blueberry sauce sounds wonderful! Beautiful meal. Sounds like a fun time. I’m off to find something to eat!!


    1. tidytipsy

      Thanks Lynda! Cutting the cucumber like that was my friend’s idea…she called it cucumber pasta šŸ™‚ We made the salad dressing ourselves with Olive oil, white vinegar, mustard, very finely diced onions, dill, salt & pepper and some water. It was delicious just like that with the roasted bread.
      Cream puffs with chocolate custard sound soo good as well! But the blueberry sauce was heaven too…and so simple (yet I never would have thought of it myself: melting butter and sugar in a saucepan until the sugar caramelizes and then adding the fresh blueberries and letting it cook down to a sauce).
      Hope you found something good to eat too!


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