trick training

We had a weekend training course at the barn last weekend. Trick training is something I have always wanted to learn and though I’ve done some clicker training with my cats, working with a big heavy horse is something else!
The horses were all very curious and most learned really quickly.

We’re planning to practice regularly over the winter and maybe put together a little show next year.
Where there are horses there will almost always be dogs too and I had fun shooting some dog portraits in between.

Wrinkly gorgeousness:

Off to plan a show program for my cats!


2 thoughts on “trick training

  1. Victoria Bennett Beyer

    I love teaching my dogs new games and tricks, though it must really be something to have such a large animal working with you. It sounds like fun.

    Cute doggie portraits, by the way. I LOVE the curly tail shot. Cute cute cute.


    1. tidytipsy

      Thanks Victoria 🙂 It is definitely different teaching a horse from teaching a dog, but both is lots of fun!
      What games do you teach your dogs?
      I love taking dog portraits, especially dogs with such expressive faces 🙂



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