snow and family

We’ve had very heavy snowfalls again in the last few days. I can’t remember a winter when we had continous snow on the ground for weeks before christmas.
Since it is dark both when I go to work and when I leave again I hadn’t been able to take any photos of it at all, so yesterday I made the most of my time (that is, the time that I didn’t spend sewing).

It really does look like winter wonderland around here.

Despite the snow we went and visited my grandma, who lives alone now. My mom hadn’t been to her house since my parents split up more than 15 years ago. In a way, my grandpa’s death has brought us all closer together again and my grandma was so happy to have us there and especially to get to talk to my mom again after all those years. We agreed on the way back that we would be doing this more often in the future.
My grandma’s house hasn’t changed one bit, it looks exactly like it did when I was a kid. We joke about that, but it’s kind of nice really. There is so little constancy in our busy lives as it is.

I bullied my brother into letting me take his picture. It’s the kind of big sister I am.

And my aunt’s doggy had no choice in the matter anyway. That resigned look? I get that a lot đŸ˜‰


5 thoughts on “snow and family

  1. Lynda

    Beautiful snow pictures. That’s so great about reconnecting with your grandma. I bet that made her holiday season. And it is good to see things that haven’t changed with our own changing world. Your brother is cute – oh, I mean handsome!


  2. RosamarĂ­a

    I’m agree with Lynda, I think your grandma is happy for this new connection.
    The last time I was at my grandma’s home I dont see a change too… it looks just the same as I can remember…

    your brother is handsome!



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