project 52

Some of you may remember I started a Project 365 last spring. I loved doing it but as life and work got in the way, I didn’t always get my photo a day.
Still, the idea of documenting the beauty of day to day life has really grabbed me. One of the most inspiring blogs I read in 2010 has been habit and I have been trying to think of a way to incorporate that spirit into my own photography.

So I decided to do a Project52 this year, a photo for each week of the year. About a thousand other bloggers seem to have had that same thought (I’m a bit crushed here I’ll admit, I thought I was so clever thinking it up). A photo a week is definitely doable and I will try to write up my own little quote for each, capturing the particular feel of each ordinary yet special moment. I’ve joined this group on flickr and I’ll see if I can stick by my resolution better this year.

I have a good feeling about this.


9 thoughts on “project 52

  1. Amber

    It’s funny you posted this, because I have been having a similar dilemma. I want so badly to try a 365, but I know I cannot actually commit to it this year. Your Project 52 idea is just what I needed!

    Are you doing a theme, or just shooting whatever you feel each week?


    1. tidytipsy

      Hi Amber 🙂 I’m not doing a scheme, I’m just shooting what I feel like at the time. Because that is what I want my 52 photos to be in the end: the feel of 2011, week by week. That’s why I’ll try to add the journaling as well.
      I think themes are great though, if your goal is to challenge yourself in photography and creativity. I think I’ll take a look at the themes around and maybe try the odd one in between when I feel like it. That will be a different project and strictly fun and non-obligatory for me. That’s yet another resolution for 2011: Not put so much pressure on myself all the time.
      Let me know if you’re doing the 52 too and where I can find your photos 🙂


      1. Amber

        Thanks. 🙂 I am so torn right now. Theme or no theme? I have some thinking to do…

        If I decide to do this, I’ll most likely join the Flickr group you linked to, and do a weekly blog post on my regular blog as well.

        Can’t wait to see yours!


    1. tidytipsy

      Definitely more doable,Rosamaria. Will you try it too?
      I still love the photo a day challenge but let’s face it, with a full time job and some other obligations it is just that much more pressure every day and I am trying to get away from that. 2010 has been a year full of pressure, I want 2011 to be a year of living in the moment and enjoying it 🙂



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