planning stages

My seed order has arrived! Dozens of little packages with seeds that look so tiny and unassuming that I am finding it hard to imagine they will turn into a whole garden come summer.

I am planning to get started in February, both with putting the first (hardy) seeds in the ground outdoors and with starting seeds inside under artificial light. If everything goes to plan, March and April and May will be exciting months around here!

So far, I am still in the planning and building and dreaming stages though. I’ll keep you posted on the details and progress, quite literally 🙂
Until then, we’re enjoying just a few minutes more light both in the mornings and evenings and I am glad to find my knitting appreciated by various members of our little family.


7 thoughts on “planning stages

    1. tidytipsy

      Oh yes! I’m nearly a complete novice at this, though we did grow some vegetables in the last years. But never from seed, never in the right kind of soil and with the right kind of fertilizing (it’s a wonder anything grew at all). So this year, with all that reading and blog learning under my belt, will either be a great success or a sad failure…I’m excited and hoping for success of course 🙂


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