winter walk

Winter has returned but this time with lots of sun and minus the snow.

After enjoying the crisp air and sunshine, tea and cake seemed a good idea. I think I’ll do a food post soon.

I’ve been feeling a bit tired lately, so there’s not a whole lot going on during the week except working and sleeping and eating. I think it’s a mixed result of days with little light and still coming to terms with last year and all the changes that happened. Though it is all good now I find it does take quite some time to work through all of that both mentally and physically. And my preferred way to rest has always been sleeping, so that is what I’ve been doing 🙂


6 thoughts on “winter walk

  1. Sarah Knight

    Beautiful shots!
    We all fall into the winter doldrums – trust me. I’d love to have the lack of snow, it would make my commute so much nicer…
    Have some pleasant dreams for me : )


    1. tidytipsy

      Thanks Sarah! Yep, I guess it gets to all of us at one time in the winter months. Keeping my finger’s crossed for less snow for you in the coming weeks! I hear the US has had more than enough snow this winter, hope that was it for now!


  2. Lynda

    Love these pictures. Winter is a great time to just take it easy – not push yourself. Sleeping is good! Won’t be long and it will be a busy gardening season.


    1. tidytipsy

      Thanks Lynda 🙂 I know, and it’s funny: on the one hand I can’t wait to get started with green stuff and then again I am just so tired during the week and falling asleep as soon as I get home. I’ll try to get my rest now so I’ll be ready for spring 🙂
      I am still learning not to put so much pressure on myself, though I am getting better at just letting some things go without guilt when I don’t feel up to them. It’s an important lesson to learn at any age I guess.



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