quiet weekend

I love doing things, being out and about, seeing new stuff, learning new techniques. But especially in winter I also love, and need, quiet weekends at home.
Sewing kitchen towels (need to take proper pictures soon) and baking bread

Putting the first seeds in the ground and preparing the first of many containers (I have a pretty chaotic excel sheet that combines my research on what goes with what and when each should be planted, I will spare you the sight). Saving space is definitely an issue with all I’m wanting to plant this year so each container will hold 2-3 plants that go well together. First out in soil this weekend were fava beans. I felt mean putting the seeds out in the cold but the package specifically says to put them in the ground mid February, so I guess they can take it. No pictures of that, I figured a container full of soil isn’t very interesting to look at.
We made progress on the lid of our seed starting light box (which may or may not work, it’s definitely an experiment).

A colleague of my boyfriend’s is going to solder the led-lights in and I hope to get started with starting next weekend 🙂
Other than that, a movie, lots of hot tea, some knitting, some online shopping (a vintage map and fabrics for a new dress project, to be shared soon) and some more taking it easy.

On sunday, a long and relaxed ride out with the ponies.

And topping that off, a fun and cozy dinner out with family.
Perfect and needed and too short.


3 thoughts on “quiet weekend

    1. tidytipsy

      Thanks Lynda 🙂 I keep the baking very simple, I always use the same recipe as a base, which is the European Peasant Bread from Artisan Bread in 5. And then I just use whatever I feel like to mix things up, like caraway seeds and pumpkin seeds on those two. I just mix them in when I take the refrigerated dough out for rising.
      Our light box just got finished yesterday, I hope to get started this weekend and post pics of it!


  1. Lynda

    Kristina, I’ll have to check out that recipe. We’ve been stuck on the Cracked Wheat one in the HB in Five. Love the seeds – especially love pumpkin seeds – will have to try that.



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