tova dress

I did a bit of patternmaking and dressmaking last year and I was dying to get into it again. When Jenny put a few of her famous tova patterns in her shop, I just had to have it. I looked for the right fabric a good while until I found this beautiful soft plaid flannel and here is my tova dress:

I must say I loved loved loved Jenny’s pattern and it was worth every penny. It shipped very quickly from NYC to Germany and it is beautifully made.

As I made the smallest size available (xs) I traced the pattern onto paper first. I bought some vellum paper but ended up not having enough, so I taped the pattern up against the window and used normal white paper to trace it.

The instructions were very clear. I had been a bit worried because the pattern was marked “for intermediate sewers” and I would definitely count myself as a beginner, but I didn’t have any trouble following the instructions at all.

Even though I made some of my own patterns last year I’m very glad that I did the Tova dress with Jenny’s pattern and instructions, because I ended up learning a couple of new techniques. It was also my first time setting the sleeves in the correct way instead of doing cheater sleeves by gathering at the top. I’m not the most patient sewer nor the most accurate so it is really due to the fantastic pattern and instructions that everything came out looking exactly as it should!

My treadle did a great job again, I only had trouble in areas where stitching through multiple layers of the flannel was required but I was able to get by. I ended up wishing I had done french seams in some places though, because it would have been no trouble and it would look so much nicer (wonder if I’ll find a serger on one of my next thrift store hunts).
I’m thrilled with how the dress came out!

The only thing that bugs me is that the wrong side of the fabric isn’t very nice to look at and it shows as the collar flaps open. I should have lined it (not that I know how to do that). The fit is great, definitely better than my own patterns from last year and it is just such a nice dress.

Thank you Jenny, for making such wonderful patterns! (I just had to go ahead and buy another one, I’m waiting for the fabric to make it right now).


16 thoughts on “tova dress

    1. tidytipsy

      Colette, I LOVE your version as well, although it’s totally different. I love how you did the neckline and your cheery fabric!


  1. tidytipsy

    Thanks everyone!!
    Amber, go get sewing then, I always love seeing what you make!
    Raven, thanks! Really, you like the white? It’s still bugging me a little.
    Rosamaria, thank you, I bought the necklace on Etsy, if you want I’ll have a look which shop it was.


  2. kaffee_bohnen

    I love this! And although I like that the wrong side of the fabric shows at the neck, you could easily fix this by simply lining the insert at the bodice, rather than the whole dress. All you’d need to do is cut the pattern pieces from the same (or a contrasting) fabric, sew them right sides together at the centre front, turn them and iron the crease, and then re-install the insert as though it is one piece of fabric. You might baste around the other edges to keep the fabric from slipping, if you like.

    I hope this helps!


    1. tidytipsy

      Oh, thanks so much for the tipp, that actually sounds pretty straightforward! I’ll try this when I have a fabric with an ugly wrong side the next time!



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