feels like summer

At least it did, for one day. Perfect from start to finish.
Waking up to blue skies.

Going thrift store shopping and coming home with a carload full of lovely stuff (the conversation with my boyfriend went something like this: Him: “I hope you didn’t bring home half the store again. We don’t have the space to put any more stuff”, me:”I only bought that big wooden box in the trunk for our balcony, see. Only one box.”, him, eyeing the box suspiciously: “It’s full to the brim with stuff isn’t it?”, me: “Yeah, kind of is…it’s real pretty stuff though!”).
Having late breakfast in the sun.

Finding the most adorable kitty to play with. He’ll totally match my still-on-the-needles socks from the pretty yarn in this post.
Yes, I know that was a weird thought.

And eating fresh greens again.

So good.
I have to throw in another shot of the kitty, isn’t he the prettiest fluff ball?


4 thoughts on “feels like summer

  1. Lynda

    I, too, love shopping at thrift stores. I get the same response from hubby about bring more junk home but it’s good junk!! Love the kitty shots.


  2. tidytipsy

    Thanks so much guys!
    I go thrift store shopping every couple of weeks, there is always new great stuff to find.
    Lynda, like you say, it’s good junk! It’s stuff that’s been around for 50+ years, it’s durable and out of wood or glass or other natural materials. I’m trying to get away from plastic as much as I can and thrift store shopping is a great way to do that without spending hundreds of dollars for high-end equipment.
    I’m slowly replacing my kitchen equipment with vintage plates and glasses and cups and storage items and my balcony is a lot more colorful with all the vintage flowerpots 🙂



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