gardening 2011 – part 2

*Click here for part 1*
Ok, so far I’ve only shown bits and pieces of my plants, but by now the balcony is looking quite nice so I think it’s time for an overall look.
Here it is, this is the view from the door looking out onto our balcony:

The flower boxes hold strawberries which are just now starting to bloom. In the far end corner by the chair you can see the raspberry plant and the pots underneath the flower boxes hold beans and peas or are waiting for their tomatoes and peppers (they also hold basil and parsley and calendula and bunching onions which had to go in already).
This is the view standing in the corner by the raspberry, looking toward the door and the two greenhouses:

The little wooden box and the small ladder were both thrift store finds. I had actually been looking for something like it for a while and was thrilled to find these! They hold the herbs, which will need to go back into the greenhouse should the nights get colder again. But for now I think they just look so pretty here:

Ok, so much for a general overview, back to the seedlings I’ve been fussing over for the last couple of weeks.
The tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers went out into the greenhouse permanently a week ago and yesterday I transplanted them to larger newspaper pots (look how small the first pots are looking in comparison, it was high time!). I will also need to start fertilizing now.

I hope they continue to do well, at this stage I would honestly be crushed should they die on me. The seedlings get the sunny top shelf in the greenhouses:

The top shelf in the other greenhouse is taken up by all my experiments with starting seeds directly in the greenhouse or sprouting inside and then transferring them outside (I went a little wild experimenting after I got the greenhouses). I was so scared that my first attempt would fail and now pretty much everything has sprouted and is growing and I will have so many plants to give away to friends!

And to really make you tired of seeing baby plant pics, here’s the week by week on the indoor seedlings:

Also, last but not least, the lettuce is also thriving, so much that I really need to thin it (and I can even eat the thinnings as baby lettuce, so nothing goes to waste!):

Ok, this was a marathon post, next ones will be shorter again, promise 😉


8 thoughts on “gardening 2011 – part 2

  1. Amber

    Your plants look wonderful, and have such a delightful place to grow! Also, I love your long posts. I’ve been doing a bit of rambling myself lately and I always like to see other brains in spring overdrive too. 🙂


  2. sherrieg

    It looks AMAZING! I am so impressed , especially because it’s all on your balcony! Very well done. I can’t wait to see updates through the summer. 🙂


  3. tidytipsy

    Thanks Amber and Sherrie 🙂
    I will definitely post updates during the summer, I am curious myself to see how it turns out!


  4. Lynda

    Even though I’ve not been commenting (sooo busy) have really enjoyed watching your garden grow. It just shows that regardless of space anyone can have a garden.


    1. tidytipsy

      Thanks, I bet spring is a busy time at your farm! I’ll be posting updates throughout the summer, personally I can’t wait to see what it looks like in august or september.
      By the way, I’m having a bit of a problem with white mould on the seedling pots, now that the days and nights are getting really warm. It only started 2 days ago. Any idea if that is harmful and what I can do about it?
      I set all seedlings outside in the wind and sun in the day now and only bring them into the greenhouses at night.



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