random weekend shots

I post random weekend shots so often, I should make it a regular feature…
Beautiful sunrise (I’m a morning person, I get to see sunrises on weekends):

Spending some time at the barn, rescuing toads who have got lost on their way to the pond. They make the journey once a year to mate and then our lanes at the barn are full of toads. Later, when the baby toads have outgrown the pond, they will do the journey likewise, going back into the woods, in millions.

Harvesting the first fresh greens off my balcony. These are my salad thinnings, but they made for a whole bowl of delicious salad.

Still haven’t gotten around to doing the plaid scarf tutorial I promised. Time just flies between work, and sleep, and spending some time with the pony. Maybe this weekend. I hope.


4 thoughts on “random weekend shots

  1. Kai

    Hab ja schon lange nix mehr geschrieben (Schande über mich), aber wollte nur mal kurz wieder sagen, dass ich immer wieder gerne auf dein Blog gucke (nur deine Strickanleitungen sind nicht so ganz mein Fall 😉 )


    1. tidytipsy

      Danke schöön 🙂 Dabei poste ich doch kaum Strickanleitungen, die gehen doch in den ganzen Foto-Posts total unter ;))


    1. tidytipsy

      Thanks Lynda 🙂 You wouldn’t believe how much that salad has grown in the last week. I really need to eat lots of salad this weekend. The mizuna leaves are great with tomatoes and mozarella, one of our favourite cold italian dishes 🙂



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