travel diary: bruges

I went to visit Belgium with a friend earlier in the week and we stopped in Bruges for a night and a half day of exploring.
None of us knew anything about Bruges before, we’d just heard it was pretty.

What we found was that Bruges wasn’t pretty. It was beautiful.

There isn’t an ugly street or house in the whole city and obviously the whole town is very well cared for, very clean and lovingly preserved with flowers everywhere.

We just wandered around for a couple of hours, having got a map at the hotel.

All the little canals reminded me of Amsterdam but much quainter and smaller and less noisy.

The city is small enough to be explored walking in a day or two but still is full of impressive buildings and museums and sights.

We only had limited time so we decided to not go see the Picasso exhibition, but went to the Chocolate Museum and the French Fries Museum instead (you may shake your head and laugh now, but we had lost of fun!).

Then we ate chocolate and french fries. In that order.

All in all a perfect day in a wonderful little town. If you are ever in Belgium you must go see Bruges!


5 thoughts on “travel diary: bruges

  1. tidytipsy

    Thank you all :))

    Lynda, the Chocolate Museum was definitely one of the highlights 🙂 And it was actually very informative, lots of stuff about Inkas and Aztecs and how cocoa trees grow!

    Losangelas, you must be even closer to Bruges than I am, go visit it when you get the chance 🙂



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