the greatest luxury | cowboy shoot dana

The weekend turned out just as I had hoped: we relaxed a bit, did some balcony gardening, I sewed a bit and then of course the photoshoots! There ended up being two of them and I just got finished processing the photos from the first one: My friend Dana works at a company that has an employee magazine. Recently they had a contest, asking employees what the greatest luxury is for them. Dana’s answer of course was: “A perfect day spent with my pony” and now they wanted a picture to accompany the quote.

Another friend did some make-up for us and we just shot away, seeing if we could capture the image she had in mind.

We have the most gorgeous light in the stalls!

For me, this is perfect, but I’m curious which one Dana will pick:

She really has sparkly eyes like that, no photoshop on the eyes here!

I hope we captured your perfect day Dana!


4 thoughts on “the greatest luxury | cowboy shoot dana

  1. Dana

    Yes of course!!! It was a very nice and luxury shoot that day!! Thank you very much and i’ll choose the second or fourth one…. I have to think about it one night 🙂 Sorry about my worse english 🙂



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