autumn glow

Just popping in very quickly on a tired week night to quote the amazing Alicia:
“This week, I have noticed that the light has changed, much gentler than the bright summer light. The autumn glow is here…”

The change in the air is barely perceptible here, we’re still having wet, stuffy days and at night are kept awake by thunder and lightening.

But the light…she’s right. The autumn glow really is here.


4 thoughts on “autumn glow

  1. michael ann

    oh goodness i love those photos! silly portland doesn’t get summer until the last week of august, we’ve had more hot days this week than we’ve had all summer! i love when the light starts to change though, i love fall for that reason :]


    1. tidytipsy

      Michael Ann, we haven’t been having a real summer here at all this year. Those sunshiny moments are few and far between. I just really try to catch them on camera because they are even more precious when it’s grey and rainy most of the time 🙂
      Hope your having a nice late summer in Portland though!



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