rare bits of sunshine

I hastened to capture these last week, sensing I had only minutes left before the sun would be gone.

How the days seem to rush by…at work between meetings and deadlines and a new baby (my co-worker’s) and at home between resting and planning and preparing.
All sewing and making has only been going on inside my head since we found a new place (which shows how behind I am with posting). At the weekends we are too busy decluttering our home. It’s unbelievable just how much stuff accumulates when you live in the same place for 5.5 years. And a small space at that! We’re ruthlessly getting rid of everything we don’t use any more or have multiples of or simply don’t like the look of any more. It’s liberating but exhausting. Just one more weekend should do it though. My dream home would be having just as much stuff as we actually need and use and not one item more.
Liberating, and exhausting, but fun, too.


4 thoughts on “rare bits of sunshine

  1. Mackenzie | Red Roan Chronicles

    Lovely pictures… and I totally hear you on how much stuff you can accumulate! 😀 I’m getting ready to move (I do it every year and a half or so, typically; not by design, it just ends up that way :D) and even though I’ve always made an effort to keep my collection of stuff to a minimum, when you box it up it always ends up being more stuff than you expected. 😀


    1. tidytipsy

      Thanks Mackenzie! I know and once you start looking in every corner there is this whole lot of stuff and you have no idea where it all came from! That’s why we do this before boxing everything up, so we can get rid of the things we don’t like anymore before starting to stack boxes everwhere 🙂


  2. Kali.

    Beautiful pictures. It’s amazing how busy your life can be, yet you can pause for a moment and enjoy the amazing view all around. So peaceful. Thank you for sharing.



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