breaking it in

My brand new sewing area that is. So much space!

A couple of pillow covers and pillow cases are still waiting to be made at the weekend.

During the week there’s not a chance of getting anything done. I leave the house when it’s still dark and I come home when it has been dark again for quite some time. So I usually just fall asleep on the couch with the cats on my lap whenever I try to do any blogreading, photo editing, answering emails, (pick any of a thousand other things I need to get done).

But that’s the way it is in the winter months I guess.


6 thoughts on “breaking it in

  1. lauren

    i love it – you have a vintage machine! me too! i inherited one from my grandmother but i’ve been too afraid to try it. is it hard to get used to or is that what you have always used?


    1. tidytipsy

      I inherited mine from my grandmother as well! I LOVE this machine and have used it exclusively for about two years now. It’s from 1930 and it works beautifully still.
      I used a 1970’s (plastic) machine before that but it gave me lots of trouble and broke in the end. The old metal ones are still the best I think. The Phoenix did take some getting used to but now I couldn’t imagine sewing with anything else. I actually really enjoy treadling too 🙂 I do miss a zig-zag stitch a lot though and I have a thrifted 1965 metal singer waiting around here to be cleaned and set up on my new sewing table, so I can use that for finishing the edges with zig-zags. In the meantime I just try to do as much french-seaming as possible.
      I couldn’t imagine sewing with a computerized machine (is that what the modern ones are called?) but then again I’ve never tried. I love knowing that the Phoenix is virtually unbreakable, that if something went wrong with it I could fix it myself with a bit of research. I did give it to a shop to do a general overhaul on it when I got it, because it hadn’t been used in decades and had tension issues.



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